Daily Guided Tour to San Gimignano and Monteriggioni

Morning San Gimignano and it's 72 Tower

Your tour begins meeting with your official guide in San Gimignano. San Gimignano rose from an ancient Etruscan settlement around a seventh century parish and a castle given to the Volterra’s episcope in 929; during the XII century, it became a city-republic. 

Its first walls were made in 998, when San Gimignano became a business centre along the Francigena Way.

The local families, very wealthy from all the commerce, ordered 72 towers to be built. There was continuous infighting between the Guelfi and Ghibellini factions (in 1300, Dante Alighieri also stopped here for a few days as the league ambassador to the Guelfi’s). 

The Urban structure, and the large number of civil and religious buildings of San Gimignano, which are almost intact, preserves the medieval fascination; nowadays, only 15 of the 72 towers remain unbroken or cropped, but they are enough to give an unmistakable mark to this town.

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Afternoon Monteriggioni and the Castle

Situated at the center of the region, Monteriggioni occupies the peak of a small, rolling hill covered with cultivated slopes, vineyards and olives. The castle was founded in the second decade of the thirteenth century by the Republic of Siena, with the purpose of creating a defensive outpost against its rival, Florence.

Much of the XIII century structure remains which makes Monteriggioni utterly unique in the panorama of medieval Tuscan villages. Its more or less circular walls, which embrace the peak of the hill, are constructed over roughly 570 metres and crowned with fourteen towers that rise up from the external surface. Their majesty must have been so impressive in the Middle Ages that Dante used the turrets as the famous simile for the giants encircling the infernal abyss in his Divine Comedy “as with circling round of turrets / Monteriggion crowns his walls / E’en thus the shore, encompassing the abyss / was turreted with giants.”