Details about Voucher and Travel General Regulations In Italy


The electronic voucher is a document that you need to print and present to the suppliers: for example driver, guide  restaurant etc.

The voucher contains: 

  • General information about the customer
  • List of the services
  • Details of the services
  • The telephone number of the driver
  • The telephone number of the guide
  • The telephone number of the restaurant
  • The telephone number for any emergency
  • The emergency e-mail address with guaranteed reply in 15 minutes during the tour
  • General information about Try Nature Tour Operator                                                                                      

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Package Travel General Regulations In Italy

approved by Assotravel, Assoviaggi, Astoi e Fiavet

1. Introduction and definition of tourist package

Both the organizer and the seller of Tourist Packages must be licensed to carry out their activities.
The customer has the right to receive a copy of the Tourist Package contract. This document is necessary in case you need to apply for the Guarantee Fund (see Article number 19 of these contract terms and conditions .
The definition of Tourist Package is the following:
The objects of Tourist Packages are journeys, holidays and “all-inclusive” deals, resulting from the fixed combination of at least two of the following elements, sold or offered for sale at a flat rate, whose duration exceed 24 hours, that is, at least one night:
a) transportation;
b) accommodation;
c) Tourist Services not additional to transportation or accommodation (omissions)……. which are an important part of the Tourist Package.

2. Legislative sources

The trade of Holiday Packages is regulated by the Italian Decree Number 1084 (27 December 1977) which ratifies and implements the International Travel Convention (CCV) signed in Bruxelles on the 23.04.1970 and also by the Consumer Code

3. Technical data

Try Nature Tour Operator by  Capoccioni Stefano on the province register of travel and tourism agencies with license n. R.U. 3508 released by Provincia di Viterbo.

Insurance Policy R.C. n. 61019195/3 from UNIPOL ASSICURAZIONI.

The Validity of the tourist package offered by Try Nature Tour Operator by Capoccioni Stefano is shown inside each tourist package’s informative card published on-line on site. As for the tourist packages created by Try Nature Tour Operator the change of reference in regard of currency adjustments is shown inside every information card published on the booklet (electronic or in paper), or outside the catalogue.

4. Booking

Booking can only be effected following the consumer acceptance of the general conditions of this contract. The contract is to be considered when Try Nature Tour Operator has confirmed the booking, with the relevant information, via e-mail or fax. Specifications about the package or about a single tourist service are included in the notes and details of the offer (displayed before the contract subscription), or in other communication tools, as provided by the law in force. In case the tourist product created by Try Nature Tour Operator and published on a brochure requires a minimum number of participants, Try Nature Tour Operator reserves the right not to carry out the trip if the requested minimum number of participants has not been achieved.

5. Payments

A partial payment of the 30% of the entire participation fee must be deposited at the booking time. The balance must be paid within 30 days prior departure. Bookings made in the 30 days before the beginning of the Experience must be paid by lump-sum settlement.
The payments can be made by Bank transfer:

account number 19388
account name:Capoccioni Stefano
Bank name: Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Capranica VT
IBAN: IT03 E 08436 73210 000000019388


It is necessary to send the copy stamped by the bank of the bank transfer through fax or email before h. 6 pm of the booking day, or the following day in case the booking has been done after that time.
It’s established that in the cases in which rescission penalties of consumer are enforced, as per the following art. 9, the organizer is legally entitled by the consumer to hold the amount received as partial payment as valid for the due penalty. The non-payment of the above-mentioned sums at fixed dates is an explicit resolutory clause, which would determine the rescission of the tourist package sale contract, set apart the compensation for further damages suffered by the organizer.

6. Price

The price of the tourist package is fixed in the contract, in accordance with what has been written in the catalogue or brochure (on paper or electronic), or out-of-catalogue programme, or possible updates of the catalogues or the extra-catalogue programmes which might have been done afterwards. Extra expenses, such as compulsory fee to pay in loco, are always specified in the notes and details of the offer. The price can be changed until 20 days before departure and only in case of variations of the following: transportation costs, including the fuel cost; taxes and fees on some kinds of tourist services, such as landing and embarkation or disembarkation fees, in ports and airports; exchange rates applied to the package itself. As for such variations, these will be referred to the exchange rates and to the above-mentioned costs, as well as to the relevant prices quoted at the moment of the booking application.

7. Customer rescission without penalty

The customer can withdraw from the Contract, without paying penalties, in the following cases:
· Price increases over 10 percent, due to the reasons specified in the above-mentioned art. 6;
· Significant modification of one or more material elements of the contract, which can objectively be defined fundamental for the fruition of the tourist package taken as a whole, and proposed by the organizer after the contract itself stipulation, but before the departure, not accepted by the customer.
In the above-mentioned cases, the customer has, alternatively, the right to:
- Take advantage of an alternative tourist package, without extra cost or with the return of the overcharge in case the second tourist package is of inferior value than the first one.
- Get the return of the only amount of money already given. The refund must be effected within seven working days from receiving the refund written application form..
The customer will have to submit his decision (to accept the modification or to recede) within and no longer then two working days from the moment in which he has being given the notice of the rise or variation in price. In case of lack of explicit official announcement within the above-mentioned term, the proposal formulated by the organizer is considered accepted.

8. Modification or cancellation prior departure

In case in which Try Nature Tour Operator, before the departure, gives written communication of its impossibility to supply one or more services of the tourist package , the consumer will have the right to choose another tourist package of the same quality or superior without any additional costs or an inferior tourist package with the restitution of the difference in price, or the customer will be refund of the sum already paid within 7 working days from the moment of the rescission or cancellation, if the cancellation is depending on circumstances not imputable to the customer.
The organization can void the contract if the minimum number of participants has not been reached, and on condition that the organizer has given this information before the start of the tourist services. In this case the organizer will have to refund only the amounts perceived within 7 working days from the moment of rescission or cancellation, any other refund excluded.

9. Renunciation prior departure

- In case a registered participant would withdraw from the contract before departure for different reasons than those of art. 7., the tour operator will apply the following penalties, beside the burdens and costs of the services cancellation:
- 10 % of the total amount if the renunciation is given to the tour operator until 30 days before the starting of the booked services
- 25 % of the total amount if the renunciation is given to the tour operator until 20 days before the starting of the booked services
- 50 % of the total amount if the renunciation is given to the tour operator until 8 days before the starting of the booked services
- 100% after the above-mentioned terms.
The same amounts have to be paid also by those who cannot take part to the travel because of missing or irregular personal emigration documents. No refund is due to travellers who decide to interrupt the travel or their stay already started.

10. Modification after departure

In case that after the departure the organizer cannot supply, for any reason (apart from circumstances depending on the customer) an essential part of the services included in the contract, alternative solutions will have to be provided to the consumer without extra-charges. If the value of the supplied services is lower than the value of the estimated ones, the value of the difference must be refund. In case no alternative solution is possible, or the solution offered by the organizer has been refused by the customer for serious and justified reasons, the organizer will provide free-of-charge a means of transport equivalent to the original one, which should have also been used for going back to the initial departure point, or to another possibly pre-established place, compatible with availability. The customer will be refunded in accordance with the difference between the cost of the estimated services and the cost of the services granted up to the moment of anticipated return.

11. Transfer of bookings

The customer has the right to be replaced by a different person by giving written notice to Try Nature Tour Operator The renouncing client can be replaced by another person always if:

a) the organizer has been informed in writing at least 4 working days before the fixed departure date, receiving at the same time a notice concerning the name and address of the assignee;

b) the substitute meets all the conditions for the fruition of the service (ex article 89 of Leg. Decree n. 206/2005), requirements relating to the passport, visas health certificates, hotel accommodation and transport services ;

c) the replacing person has to pay a substitution fee of € 40 which is to cover all the expenses concerning the substitution.

The renouncing customer is severally responsible for the payment of the settlement by the assignor, as well as for the costs under letter c) of this article.
As for some kinds of services, it may happen that a third party service supplier does not accept the modification of the assignee name, even if it has been carried out within the terms under letter a) of the present article. Try Nature Tour Operator will not be responsible for the possible non-acceptance of the modification by third-party service suppliers. This non-acceptance will be immediately communicated by Try Nature Tour Operator to the parties before departure.

12. Participants obligations

The participants have to be equipped with personal passports or other documents valid for the destination Country, with the health certificate if required. Furthermore, the tourist will have to follow ordinary cautiousness and diligence rules, and specific rules effective in the destination countries, all the information supplied by the organizer, as well as the regulations and administrative and/or legislative provisions regarding the tourist package. The participants will be asked to answer for all the damage suffered by the organizer because of their incapacity to follow the above-mentioned obligations. The customer must provide the organizer with all the documents, the information and the elements owned by himself, which might be useful for exercising the subrogation right of the latest towards third parties, responsible for the damage. The customer is held responsible by the organizer for the detriment of the subrogation right. At the moment of the booking, the customer will also communicate, in writing, to the organizer the details needed which might possibly be part of specific agreements, such as journey instructions, provided their accomplishment is possible.

13. Hotel classification

The official classification of hotel structures is given in the catalogue (in paper or electronic) or in other information material, in case it will be explicitly and formally pointed out by the competent authorities of the country in which the service is supplied. In absence of official classifications recognized by the competent Public Authorities of the countries members of the European Union, to which the service refers – with the aim of pointing out in detail the quality characteristics of the hotel accommodations offered and making the customer well aware of his choice – Try Nature Tour Operator reserves the right to supply, in catalogue or leaflet, its own quality evaluation of the receptive structure.

14. Responsibility

The organiser is responsible for the damage caused to the customer because of the total or partial default of the services described in the contract, either if these are performed by himself or third-party suppliers, unless he proves that the event depends on the customer (including initiatives taken by himself independently, during the execution of tourist services), or on events not linked with the supply of the services described in the contract, fortuitous events, act of God, or by circumstances that the organizer itself might not reasonably foresee or solve, on the basis of a principle of professional care. Under no circumstances will the seller receiving the booking of the tourist package answer for the obligations coming from the travel organization. However, the seller is solely responsible for the obligations coming from its intermediary activity, in conformity with the responsibility limits fixed by the above-mentioned laws or conventions. Try Nature Tour Operator, is also responsible for the privacy of the consumer data, exclusively when these arrive on the database and not during their transmission.

15. Compensation limits

Under no circumstances, the organizer compensation will be higher than the compensation indemnities determined by the International Conventions, with reference to the performances whose non-fulfilment caused the responsibility. In particular, compensation can not exceed 50.000 Germinal Gold Francs for damage to the person, 2000 Germinal Gold Francs for property damage and 5000 Germinal Gold Francs for any other damage.

16. Obligation of assistance

The organizer is obliged to perform assistance to the customer, on the basis of a professional diligence principle, solely with reference to its obligations, or by contract or law regulation. The organizer and the seller are exempted from their responsibilities (art. 14 and 15), when the unsuccessful or wrong execution of the contract depends on the customer or depend on an inevitable or unforeseeable third-party event, or on a fortuitous or act by God event.

17. Complaints and charges

If you are in any way dissatisfied with any aspect of your arrangements, you must notify the relevant supplier as soon as possible. The reason that we and/or the supplier require you to do this is to give us and/or the supplier an opportunity to resolve any problems before they spoil your arrangements.. If you think that you are entitled to compensation from us in relation to a package, you must send your request by registered post within ten working days from your return day. Our address is the following: Try Nature Tour Operator by Capoccioni Stefano & Co. Via S.G. marescotti, 55 - 01100 Viterbo – ITALY. Failure to follow this procedure may reduce or extinguish any rights you may have to make a claim against either us or any relevant supplier.

18. Insurance

In case an insurance is not explicitly included in the price, it is possible before departure, and it is recommended to take out special insurance policies covering expenses deriving from the cancellation of the tourist package, illnesses, accidents and lost luggage.

19. Guarantee Fund

In case of insolvency or bankruptcy of the organizer, the customer can turn to the “National Guarantee Fund For the Consumer of the Tourist Package”, in accordance with the Ministerial Regulation n.349 of the 23 July 1999 for the achievement of the following needs :
a) refund of the price paid for services entirely or partially not enjoyed;
b) repatriation, in case of journeys to foreign countries.
c) an immediate economic availability in case of forced return of tourists from non-EC members, on occasion of emergencies due or not due to the organizer’s behaviour.
A part from urgent circumstances, when is possible to address directly to the competent diplomatic representations, to obtain the Found intervention a written demand must be presented describing the situation, expenses, and including the original travel contract and all the payments made.
The procedure to make use of the Fund are fixed by means of the President of the Council of Ministers Decree , 23/07/99, n. 349 G.U. n. 249  12/10/1999.

20. Place of jurisdiction / arbitration clause

All disputes between the two parties in connection with this Contract shall take place in the Court in which the organiser is located.


Single tourist service general regulation

a) Regulations
The contracts concerning the transportation and accommodation only, or any other separate tourist service, since they cannot be considered contractual cases of travel organization, which is the tourist package, are ruled by the CCV provisions: according to these, Try Nature Tour Operator in quality of travels intermediary, stipulates with the consumer a contract through which it commit itself to supply the customer with a service allowing a travel or a stay at a given global price.

b) Contract conditions
To the sale contract of the single tourist services are applicable the general sale-contract conditions, even if the application of these articles does not absolutely determine the configuration of the relative contracts as the presented tourist package. The terminology of the mentioned clauses relating to the tourist package agreement (organizer, travel, etc.) has to be seen with reference to the correspondent figures of the sale contract of the single tourist services (seller, stay, etc)

Compulsory note according to the Italian Law n.38/2006, article 17.
The Italian Law punishes the crimes concerning prostitution and juvenile pornography by means of reclusion, even if these crimes are committed abroad.

This English translation of our Italian Terms & Conditions is provided to our customers for information purposes only. Only the Italian Terms & Conditions are legally binding and authoritative; the Italian version is approved by Assotravel, Assoviaggi, Astoi e Fiavet