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Olive Harvest in Italy Tour


(17-19 OCTOBER)

DAY 1 - 17 October

Arrival to Rome’s FCO Airport in the morning (communicate to In Italy Now T.O. arrival time and flight number).

Transfer by limo from the airport to 3/4 stars hotel located in the centre of Rome (contact In Italy Now Tour Operator for the name of the Hotel).

Afternoon at your leisure in Rome (The Eternal City).

Welcome dinner at the restaurant and overnight stay.

DAY 2 - 18 October


09,00 Private Guided Tour in Rome (3hrs).

(At the time of booking the tour you can choose between the 3 following itineraries):

VATICAN MUSEUM, SISTINE CHAPEL AND  S. PETER: Highlights: Vatican Museums: Leonardo da Vinci’s Saint Jerome, Laocoon, Bramante's Spiral Staircase, Apollo Belvedere, The Gallery of Maps, Raphael’s School of Athens, Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo's Last Judgment and Creation of Adam, Saint Peter’s Basilica, Michelangelo’s "Pietà", the papal tombs, Swiss Guards, Bernini’s Baldacchino, St. Peter's square.

(Entrance are not included)

ANCIENT ROME: Highlights: Colosseum, Gladiator's gym, Arch of Constantine, Arch of Titus, Temple of Venus and Roma, Palatine gardens, view of Circus Maximus, Temple of Vesta, House of Vestal Virgins, Sepulcrum of Julius Caesar memorial, Miliarium Aureum (the Center of the Roman World!), Senate.

(Entrance are not included)

BAROQUE ROME: Highlights: Spanish Steps, fountain of Barcaccia, Church of St Andrea delle Fratte with cloister, ancient Roman aqueduct, Trevi Fountain, Church of St. Ignazio, Piazza di Pietra, Pantheon, St. Luigi dei Francesi Church, Caravaggio paintings on St. Matthew, Church of St. Ivo alla Sapienza, Piazza Navona, Church of St.Agnes in Agone, Fountains (Four Rivers, Neptune, Moro).

(Entrance are not included)

Lunch and afternoon at your leisure.

Overnight stay at the hotel.

DAY 3 - 19 October

Breakfast and end of our services.


DAY 1 - 19 October

Breakfast and Pick-up by private minibus or limo at your hotel at 08,45 (if you bought the pre-tour of Rome).

General meeting place Repubblica square at 9,30 and transfer by bus to The City of Pope: Viterbo.

11,00 En-route stopover in Caprarola for a Private Guided Tour of Farnese Palace:

Rich in frescoes and surrounded by Italian gardens, it was founded as a fortress in a pentagonal structure, which was then skillfully turned into a majestic 16th century residence for Alessandro Farnese, the nephew of Pope Paolo III. Inside there is the charming Scala Regia, a wonderful spiral staircase resting on 30 Doric columns. The steps are so large that the stairs can be climbed on horseback!

13,00 Typical lunch in Viterbo.

14,30 Private Guided Tour of Viterbo:

The Medieval Historic Center of the town, named San Pellegrino, is the most characteristic and well-preserved in Italy, a real jewel showing a typical town of 1200 A.D.. You visit “Santa Maria Nuova,” one of the most ancient parishe in Viterbo. It was the first parish of the town, 1217. Our visit goes along picturesque alleys to reach the Palazzo Papale (Pope’s palace); built in medieval Gothic style, it is characterised by a loggia with seven arches; for centuries it was the residence of the Popes.

17,30 Transfer to farmhouse.

18,30 Arrival at the farmhouse.

Welcome dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 2 - 20 October


Olive Harvest Experience:

• Our local guide introduces you to the world of olive groves before acting;

• You start collecting olives from some selected trees assisted by your guide and by the olive farmer for approximately 1 hour;

• You relax in the dining room of the farm or in the garden and sample some freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil and other local products in a buffet lunch;

• In the afternoon, Italian cookery class ’Cooking with EVOO’ to learn how to use Olive Oil in your kitchen and dinner with dishes prepared.

Overnight stay at the Farmhouse.

DAY 3 - 21 October

After breakfast, you meet our local guides to visit a nearby oil mill to see all the machinery involved in the process and understand the squeezing techniques in detail.

Visit of a local diary farm producing organic percorino cheese and ricotta.

In the afternoon, Olive Oil Tasting Course and thematic dinner at the agriturismo.

Overnight stay at the farmhouse.

DAY 4 - 22 October

Breakfast and end of our services

Olive Oil tasting Course and Dinner

DAY 1 - 22 October

09,00 Transfer by limo from the farmhouse to Civita di Bagnoregio “The dying Town”.

09,30 Private Guided Tour of Civita di Bagnoregio.

12,30 Typical tasting lunch at a traditional restaurant.

14,00 Transfer by limo to Orvieto’s railway station and transfer by train to Florence.

Arrival in Florence in the afternoon, check-in to the hotel and free time.

Overnight stay in 3/4 stars hotel in the centre

DAY 2 - 23 October


Private Guided Tour in Florence (3hrs)

(At the time of booking you can choose between the 2 following itineraries):


After meeting your guide, you will start the tour with a visit to one of the city’s eternal masterpieces:  Michelangelo’s David in the Academy Gallery. From there, you move on to the city’s religious center where you will see the Baptistery, Giotto’s bell tower, and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore - the Duomo - with its famous dome by Brunelleschi. This square recalls the ancient past with its unique charm.

You will then visit the picturesque Signoria Square, where you may take the opportunity to admire statues by Cellini, Giambologna and Ammannati before proceeding to the famous Ponte Vecchio and then the Santa Croce Church, containing the tombs of illustrious Florentine citizens such as Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli, as well as fascinating works by Giotto and Donatello.


After meeting your guide, you will start the tour with a visit to the Palazzo Medici-Riccardi, where Michelangelo, the child prodigy, began his career under the patronage of Lorenzo the Magnificent, despite the opposition of his father and the Academy of Fine Arts.  Here you will admire the statue of David - the most famous work of art in Florence - and the so-called unfinished Prisoners by Michelangelo.

Your official guide will explain to you the various techniques the artist used to achieve a polished finish, revealing smooth and shiny surfaces, and the rough, dramatic effects obtained by delving into the material and deepening the shadows.

In the nearby Signoria Square, where the David was originally located before being moved to the Academy Gallery, you will admire important sculptures from the Renaissance and Mannerism periods such as the Neptune Fountain by Ammannati and Perseo by Benvenuto Cellini, amongst others.

You may continue your visit to the Opera del Duomo Museum and Santa Croce Church with the tombs of Michelangelo and other illustrious citizens like Galileo Galileo and Niccolò Machiavelli.

Lunch and afternoon at your leisure.

Overnight stay in 4 stars hotel in Florence

DAY 3 - 24 October


Transfer by high speed train to Rome.

DAY 1 - 22 October


Private Guided Daily trip (8 hrs) by limo trough Tuscan Small Villages:

Pitigliano, Sovana and Sorano.

Typical lunch in Tuscan Farmhouse.

Description of the tour:

Breakfast and departure for the territory called “Triangolo del Tufo”.  This area, on which the two wonderful little towns of Pitigliano and Sovana have been built, takes its name from the large tuff rock surface on which these village lay. Guided excursion to explore the “Vie Caves” (underground Etruscan pathways); it is like walking inside Mother Earth. The Etruscans dug these streets to search for the ancient mystery of the rock and to live each day the life’s path. Guided visit of Pitigliano, called Little Jerusalem; inside its walls are a synagogue and a ghetto, where in past centuries the Jews fled when hunted by Popes.

In the afternoon, a guided walking tour of the small, perfectly preserved village of Sovana. Like other neighboring towns, its history is characterized by the continuous struggles for the control of the town from the noble families of the time. Sovana gave birth to Ildebrando di Sovana, later Pope Gregory VII. The Praetorian Switzer is the heart of the town, where many monumental buildings, such as the Palazzo dell'Archivio, the Palazzo Pretorio, la Loggetta del Capitano and the Mont Bourbon Palace are located, where musical and theatrical shows are sometimes held.

Visit of Sorano, a little town with medieval origins, in the middle of the “Maremma Toscana” on a hill over the river Lente.  For centuries it was the property of the important noble families Orsini, Aldobrandeschi and, in the end, the Medici, who put it in their “ducato of Tuscany” (a walking path). Walking in the old part of town to see its buildings and interesting roads is like walking in ancient times.

At the end of the day return to Orvieto.

Overnight stay in 3/4 stars hotel in the centre of Orvieto

DAY 2 - 23 October

Free time to spend in Orvieto

Free dinner and overnight stay.

DAY 3 - 24 October


Transfer by limo to railway station from the hotel by limo and transfer by train to Rome.