Prehistoric Gesture Workshop:  
Village, Light the fire, Dyeing and Texture

In the province of Viterbo, there’s a place where we can experience how life was millennia ago. 

Surrounded by uncontaminated nature, animals and silence, the Association of Archaeology near Rome 

offers to adult and children the possibility of an authentic trip back in time. 

Morning: Neolitic Hut, Light the Fire, Dyeing and Texture

Here, with the help of local Archeology, we ‘familiarize’ with the history visiting an ancient Neolitic hut.

400.00 Years ago the most important man’s conquest; tool of defence, mean of surviving, holy element. The techniques to light the fire, the research of the right materials, the effort to keep it on had been for a long time a basic necessity. Light the fire, people’s unification moment, is performed through the use of the stone with high concentration.

Born to satisfy a natural man exigence, the texture represents one of the most important activities since the ancient times. Managed from the women, the practice of entwining in warp and woof the animal and vegetable fibres becomes a way to express one’s own social status. To make more precious the textiles contributed the dying of the fibres obtained from the use of dyestuff borrowed by the nature. 

The dyeing and texture work-room lasts more or less 2 ½ in relation to the times requested by the dyeing (boiling of the dye, simmering of the woollen in immersion in the dye); the dying is connected with this process using high-warp looms provided with heddle and fuse.

Lunch based on original recipes prepared with local products and served in a charming restaurant

At 3 p.m. return to Hotel.

  • Day transfer to and from the hotel by private Bus GT
  • Orientation tour of the Centre
  • Workshops
  • Tasting-lunch in the farm with typical dishes
  • Souvenirs pertaining to the activities carried out
  • Touristic brochure about the territory

  • Tips and anything else not expressly indicated above under "services included"

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